Steroids : ( 4 weeks between each photo.

So just so you get an again of how these steroids are affecting me. Check out the before and after shots in 4 weeks! Sheesh!


Wellness and illness.

Rough couple of days! Spend time with Bruce at Doctors office.  Unfortunately Bruce hit hard with Shingles!  : (   He’s been in excruciating pain.  No remedy for it, but the pain meds are helping and they do help with the nerves endings.  So were hopeful.  Small blessings; at least Im on the upswing! these are my “good days” so Im able to take care of him, just difficult watching it be unbearable at times.  Thank God also for are great friends Dave came to Hospital to pick up Kennedy and kept her over night with his kids.  Gave me  time to run a couple of errands and cook us a meal.  Knowing she was in good hands.  Im so ready to give this Chemo up! I looked at Calender today and saw I only have 3 days left and I get hit again.  Just keep plowing through.   God can’t put both of us down & out! Can he?  I pray when Im well.  Because when Im infused with this horrible poison I’m cant even pray.  Love to everyone! and let me add Thank you Lisa for taking me out with you last week to City of Hope.  Who would predict that our paths would cross and both of us get a rare cancer. Well….,at least we can use the  carpool lane!

Be Well&Besos



Jan 21, 2012-Sunday

What a great day! feels good to feel alive and able to breath better.  ; )  Made breakfast for Kennedy and I.  Took my time getting ready first day in 11 days I wore make-up and looked like I cared.  LOL!  Drove the car finally but stayed local, of course.  Cooked Dinner and relaxing with my baby girl!  Still unable to walk the dogs.  Too winded.  “Life is Beautiful”