Feb 27, 2013 Chemo Cancelled, again. : (

Breathing problems, Breathlessness, hurts to talk, walk, laugh, cry. Spent 3 hours in Lab today at City of Hope getting ready for Round 4. Difficulty getting port accessed in chest. Excruciating pain after 3 attempts they discovered the tubing in chest has clotted and would need to be cleared.
But….,when I was seen by Dr. she witnessed and listened to my issues. Xray, and Echocardiogram being done tomorrow. May be pnuemonia, but lungs are clear. Hmmmmm? Fact: This cocktail of a chemo known to cause heart problems. Mothersuckerdammitshit! Just saying’

Love to you all!


Chemo Round 4, Cancelled. : (

A head cold, Vertigo, earache, infection down and out for last 6 days. Immune system is low due to Chemo and now Chemo postponed! Got to get over this bump in the road before I can move forward….

Round III, Day 11. My Birthday! Woo Hoo!

Well was given a great gift by Niki and Gloria! Had a Massage Therapist who specializes in Oncology 15 years
She brought the table heating blanket and music set it up in my room. At first, I was fearful because she was a large Hungarian women with big hands, and thought Shit! this women gonna kick my ass! Quite the contrary. She had an Angels touch. I fell asleep at least 4 times for a quick minute. Oh my! She was Brilliant. I was so relaxed after I told Kennedy I was gonna lay in her bed for 30 minutes. Next thing I know Kennedy was waking me up 3 Hrs. later!!!! I fell into a coma. H E A V E N…..,Visit from Lisa and not empty handed. Arrived with Jennifer with a dozen red velvet cupcakes! I do share. Thanks guys.
Must take full advantage of these good days. Went to lunch with Kennedy (no school) and Trader Joe’s and it felt like I went for a 1/2 day hike. Phew! Is folding clothes considered exercise? It should be. I have 9 good days left and will promise to walk my Dogs everyday, walk some, baby steps to create healthy cells. Love to all my family and friends. : )

Chemo Day 5

Limited sleep, maybe caught 3 1/2 Hrs. of sleep up at 5:30 am. What happened after I got Kennedy off to school I can best describe as like falling off a cliff! Totally non-functional. As soon as I pulled into garage I felt heavy weight in my legs and body. Tried resting, but no sleep, didn’t even take her lunch! made it to her school extra early 1 1/2 Hrs. just so I could park right in front so she could just get into car. I feel like I’ve fallen off a cliff and I cant move a muscle. First day without steroids and it hit me hard. Besides what its doing to my Bladder which I expected. Dr. expressed early on, and so it arrived on round III. NO CONTROL! sneeze, laugh. effects of Chemo. Dr. says its Temporary, along with the Chemo brain. Yes. Chemo brain! forget what you were saying in the middle of a sentence. Or can’t remember simple things. Please excuse my typos just trying to get my point across.

Chemo round III

Day II post and Im shaking my head with disbelief! Cant understand why Im feeling well! scared it’s having a delayed reaction cant explain it even got out of the house today! Masked up of course. Priscilla here assisting, but not even necessary. Loved the hand massages though, no complaints. Developed swelling in hands and feets. I can handle that, no problem. Steroids keeping me up. Oh well! Visit from my Darling friend Lisa this evening and ice cream was a Bonus.
Besos & Be well.