Chemo Day 5

Limited sleep, maybe caught 3 1/2 Hrs. of sleep up at 5:30 am. What happened after I got Kennedy off to school I can best describe as like falling off a cliff! Totally non-functional. As soon as I pulled into garage I felt heavy weight in my legs and body. Tried resting, but no sleep, didn’t even take her lunch! made it to her school extra early 1 1/2 Hrs. just so I could park right in front so she could just get into car. I feel like I’ve fallen off a cliff and I cant move a muscle. First day without steroids and it hit me hard. Besides what its doing to my Bladder which I expected. Dr. expressed early on, and so it arrived on round III. NO CONTROL! sneeze, laugh. effects of Chemo. Dr. says its Temporary, along with the Chemo brain. Yes. Chemo brain! forget what you were saying in the middle of a sentence. Or can’t remember simple things. Please excuse my typos just trying to get my point across.


One thought on “Chemo Day 5

  1. I will email you my schedule. Remember we r down the street and can pick her up to drop her off to you. Last time we had made an appointment out of town so couldn’t but that doesn’t mean I can’t next time.

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