Chemo Day 6

Sick, bed all day. Cant shower, just managing to brush teeth. : (


5 thoughts on “Chemo Day 6

  1. Well girl kisses to you and your strong willingness to beat the odds, we think of you every day and our prayers and love are with you everyday, Bruce and Kennedy keep the faith and spank mommy( oh lala) if she gets out of hand and acts like a baby , if she does give her a pacifier. We hope Bruce is over the shingles, oh what a way to get attention LOL hope he feels better, Well we are in Indio for the date festival ends on the 24, we will keep in touch LOVE YOU BFF

      • you got that right it’s mine all mine and you can’t have it. Well i guess i figured out the ins and outs on your blog now we jus be blogging till the blogs fall down, You feeling better my sweet cupcake and a Happy B’Day to you, hope u got somez of that cake all over ur face haha Love Ya

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