Feb 27, 2013 Chemo Cancelled, again. : (

Breathing problems, Breathlessness, hurts to talk, walk, laugh, cry. Spent 3 hours in Lab today at City of Hope getting ready for Round 4. Difficulty getting port accessed in chest. Excruciating pain after 3 attempts they discovered the tubing in chest has clotted and would need to be cleared.
But….,when I was seen by Dr. she witnessed and listened to my issues. Xray, and Echocardiogram being done tomorrow. May be pnuemonia, but lungs are clear. Hmmmmm? Fact: This cocktail of a chemo known to cause heart problems. Mothersuckerdammitshit! Just saying’

Love to you all!


6 thoughts on “Feb 27, 2013 Chemo Cancelled, again. : (

  1. Hi margo we are feeling your pain and wish all the best of luck and care on your journey to a fast recovery, we LOVE you very much and GOD is hearing our prayers for you Bruce and Kennedy muncho BESOS ruff ruff from angel and rubie , love sirsir

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