Chemo rd. 4 with complications

8 hours at city of Hope what was suppose to be 3. So many issues! most importantly is the enlarged Liver. some changes made to meds. and diet. Note: to everyone. Take your fish oil! Foods have to be cooked super Hot! no eating out, for fear of Bacteria Just don’t know who NOT washing there hands while preparing your food. specially at Buffets(which I don’t practice anyway) Grass fed beef always. Any bacteria can lead to Hepatitis. The good news my Heart is excellent. But, chemo/steroids has me living in a Vortex, maddening at times I want it to stop! Depression is over the top. : (
Sorry I couldn’t bring better news.
Besos to my Friends & Fam


12 thoughts on “Chemo rd. 4 with complications

  1. Round 4 done. You are a fighter Margaret and we know you can do this. Look for the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s there. We love you!!!

    • Hello BFF! Love you and was so glad you made time for me, I know what your going through with you pops and all.
      Yes! fish oil for our brain, skin, joints and in my case Liver too.

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