6 and final round. Excuse my absence.


Well just went through my final round yesterday. According to my Dr. the most aggressive so far, so Im gritting my teeth. Dr. says more tests to determine if Cancer has been mopped out or if some cells hanging around. Its a rare cell. She also mentioned 2-3 months before feeling human again. Thats such a toll but feel a little at ease no more Chemo. Well please forgive my lack of blogging have had vision problems and whats called hmmmmm! shoot! forgot the name. (chemo brain) causing forgetfulness, anyways it looks and feels like Parkinsons Disease pinky and thumbs shake constantly making it difficult to type or text. Love to all my family and friends. Miss my Cousin Anna with all my heart she is very ill and not expected to recover makes me sad beyond words. Thanks to Lisa for my beautiful flowers, LAX Thanks Kathy!for my Huge flowers my room smell Devine. And Joann for the cream puffs. Niki my gracious sister for always being there, subjecting herself to the agony. Just like Bruce