Yes! received the news after results of pet scan.  Although my reaction was more like a sense of quilt.  my emotions were my Father’s, humbled….  With so many ill, suffering, dying, and Im at a place where all of us share one thing in common; Cancer.   No regrets,  almost conscience stricken.  I’ve had a couple of days for it to sink in,  Im thankful to God my almighty father, and wish so many could get this type of news. (Lisa, a dear friend) I have discovered so much about myself.  I will embrace life fearlessly and I  have discovered I do not wear my emotions on my sleeve. “I am my Father’s Daughter”

This road has not ended I still taste and feel this Chemo in me and its been 4 weeks I sleep 12 hrs. at times(broken) and THANK GOD IM PAIN FREE!  Just last night while showering little hairs still falling out reminding me of the hideous poison still in me.  I  will be required to have a Cat Scan every 2 months for a year to assure these cells don’t reappear in the Lymph nodes.

God Bless & Be well


Fatigue, Fatique, sleep all over the place. Death in Family. RIP Anna Tovar


This isn’t for sympathy. This is Cancer/Chemo at its true form.

very emotional just buried my cousin Anna who died too young Anna Moreno Tovar. Although she was my cousin I called her my sister” This Cancer kept us apart but we always manage to say I LOVE YOU right before she was admitted to the Hospital. And that, I’m thankful for. 😦

Im sleeping all over the place my naps are usually 2-3 hrs. Cant spend time out or I’ll fall out. Can’t ride in cars because I get dizzy. Difficulty typing cause hands shake. BIG TEST coming up May 15

Pet Scan Glucose. I’m gonna be lighting up like a glow worm. They are looking to see if Cancer gone or hanging around. I look really ill, but sometimes I do have a average day and don’t prefer wearing beanie or hat. My Daughter or Husband dont mind when I take it off so I do sometimes in the stores but stares are too overwhelming I just want to scream! I KNOW I LOOK SICK/BAD! PHUCK OK ALREADY. Now I just smile and follow them. AHA-hahahahah


RIP my sister.


My sweet Uncle who lost a Daughter and his caretaker.