Fatigue, Fatique, sleep all over the place. Death in Family. RIP Anna Tovar


This isn’t for sympathy. This is Cancer/Chemo at its true form.

very emotional just buried my cousin Anna who died too young Anna Moreno Tovar. Although she was my cousin I called her my sister” This Cancer kept us apart but we always manage to say I LOVE YOU right before she was admitted to the Hospital. And that, I’m thankful for. 😦

Im sleeping all over the place my naps are usually 2-3 hrs. Cant spend time out or I’ll fall out. Can’t ride in cars because I get dizzy. Difficulty typing cause hands shake. BIG TEST coming up May 15

Pet Scan Glucose. I’m gonna be lighting up like a glow worm. They are looking to see if Cancer gone or hanging around. I look really ill, but sometimes I do have a average day and don’t prefer wearing beanie or hat. My Daughter or Husband dont mind when I take it off so I do sometimes in the stores but stares are too overwhelming I just want to scream! I KNOW I LOOK SICK/BAD! PHUCK OK ALREADY. Now I just smile and follow them. AHA-hahahahah


RIP my sister.


My sweet Uncle who lost a Daughter and his caretaker.


9 thoughts on “Fatigue, Fatique, sleep all over the place. Death in Family. RIP Anna Tovar

  1. well honey Happy Mothers Day to you and we are with you in your time of sorrow and pain, tell Kennedy and Bruce howdy, stay strong Honey cuz you made it this far so do not give up, we love you from the sky to the big island take it easy and remember these two queens LOVE YOU VERY MUCH

  2. I just read it all…. We love you tons! Sorry for your loss. I’m sure everything is going to be good news after your test 🙂 all positive thoughts!!!!! As always I’ll keep you in my prayers ♡ besos

  3. Blessings to Ana and to her family…she will be missed! My dear lovely sister…cant imagine the daily struggles yu go through even though ive been there right by yur sideiteray in bed with yu and it breaks my heart but i hve all the faith in God and YOU that yu will continue the fight and beat this monstrous illness…stay strong even when you want to give up!! Luv yur sister! ❤

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