Yes! received the news after results of pet scan.  Although my reaction was more like a sense of quilt.  my emotions were my Father’s, humbled….  With so many ill, suffering, dying, and Im at a place where all of us share one thing in common; Cancer.   No regrets,  almost conscience stricken.  I’ve had a couple of days for it to sink in,  Im thankful to God my almighty father, and wish so many could get this type of news. (Lisa, a dear friend) I have discovered so much about myself.  I will embrace life fearlessly and I  have discovered I do not wear my emotions on my sleeve. “I am my Father’s Daughter”

This road has not ended I still taste and feel this Chemo in me and its been 4 weeks I sleep 12 hrs. at times(broken) and THANK GOD IM PAIN FREE!  Just last night while showering little hairs still falling out reminding me of the hideous poison still in me.  I  will be required to have a Cat Scan every 2 months for a year to assure these cells don’t reappear in the Lymph nodes.

God Bless & Be well


3 thoughts on “CANCER FREE!

  1. Yes, but cant celebrate too soon, Dr called Liver enlarged gonna watch me for 2 weeks meanwhile Fish oil, fish oil, and walking. IM SO FAT! : ( Love you mucho Mary Ann Besos to you and the family

  2. Weight can be dropped more easily then beating cancer. The hard part is behind you, the rest will be a piece of cake. Well maybe not cake but you know what I mean. Love ya!

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