Crash & Burning

Sleep, fatigue, shaking, nervousness, all from withdrawals from steroids and Chemo.  Can’t manage simple tasks barely brushing my teeth.  According to my Dr. just 3 weeks out feels like time is standing still, again….My dogs love it.


5 thoughts on “Crash & Burning

  1. I keep typing a message but it is never here….You are an incredibly strong woman. Be patient, there is light at the end of the tunnel! AND YOU ARE CANCER FREE!!!! Besos, love ya!

  2. This too shall pass. It’s crazy cuz I’m kinda going threw the same withdrawls, just add growling at flight attendants. It’s just this new diet i started. Sugar and bread are a powerful addiction. September is right around the corner. This too shall pass!!! 🙂

  3. Danetta You are funny girl! keep away from those horrible sugars and empty calories… forgot to add Claustrophobic to the mix! Yeah strange can’t close bedroom door or certain things affect me. I know it will pass. Woo Hoo! for Sept.

  4. hey girl have not heard from you and wondering how you and the family are doing, let us know cuz we love yous

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